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About Dr. Hubert Massey

His bold, vibrant images can be spotted throughout the Detroit metropolitan region. Chances are if you’ve visited Mexicantown, Greektown, the Cultural Center, Cobo Hall, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit Athletic Club or any number of other landmark community attractions, you’ve encountered the remarkable work of master artist Hubert MasseyRead More

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Make-A-Wish Marietta with Dr. Massey

Hubert Massey Milestone Awards

Public art begins with the community it will serve.”

Dr. Hubert MasseyMonumental Renaissance Artist

“In fact, after nearly 20 years of creating large-scale public works of art for various cities, communities and neighborhoods throughout the Midwest, it is my belief that public art should be, first and foremost, meaningful to those who surround it.”

Dr. Hubert MasseyMonumental Renaissance Artist


Detroit: "Crossroad Of Innovation” Fresco Unveiling


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Dr. Hubert Massey
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Public Art Locations

1.Name: Patterns of Detroit
Medium: Tile Mosaic
Date: 2003
Dimensions: 30’x 30’

Location: Center for Creative Studies – Detroit, MI
 A woman is sitting down holding a child in her lap showing her how to quilt. With one single thread, the quilt raps around a community and embarrasses its history and culture. (See Map below)

2. Name: Geneology
Terrazzo Floor
Location: Rotunda Room – Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit, MI. The mural displays the history of the middle passage for African Americans and depicts how this historical event shaped the present day experiences of African Americans in America. (See Map below)

3. Name: Oil on Canvas
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Date: 2008
Dimensions: triptych

Location: Federal Reserve Bank – Detroit, MI.  A child is raised by a family. Then the child continues to be nurtured and educated by the community such as teacher doctors, and other professionals. When, the child grows up and becomes an adult, she gives back to the community and the process starts all over again. (See Map below)

4.Name: Laocoon
Oil on Canvas
Date: 2008
Dimensions: 15’ x 30’

Location: AtheneumHotel – Greek Town Detroit, MI. High priest and sons fight off serpents sent by Apollo representing good versus evil. Good prevails. (See Map below)

5. Name: Paradise Valley/Harmony Park 
Medium: Granite stone and Terrazzo images
Date: 2010
Dimensions: 120’ x 38’ x 0’

Location: Harmony Park – Detroit, Michigan. A series of images telling the story of Paradise Valley (a musical village) in Detroit in the 1920 thru 1939. (See Map below)

6.Name: Detroit History
Granite Petrograph Carving
Date: 2003
Dimensions: 2’ x 12ft
Campus Martius – Detroit, MI. A historical depiction of Chief Pontiac, Cadillac, Judge Woodard and the Minutemen who helped shape the city of Detroit.

7. Name: History of Detroit
Medium: Granite Petrography Carving
Date: 1995
Dimensions: 12’ diameter

Location: IRS Building – Detroit, MI. The history of the origins of the people of Detroit is displayed from the Native Americans, the migration of families from the south to the north (from field to factory), to Motown to a new city of Detroit.

8. Name: The Spiral of Life
Medium: Hand Made Graze Tile and Mosaic
Date: 2010
Dimensions: 5’ x 40’ x 0

Location: Hand grasps a ribbon of fabric that flows throughout the art, representing the strength of the community and the diverse cultural groups. The spiral concept is throughout the art and depicts the community’s many characteristics. (See Map below)

9. Name: The Spiral of Kinship
Date: 2010
Dimensions: 13’ x 4’ x 5’

Location: Mexican Town Office – Detroit, MI. A texture aluminum form that spirals upward and features a bronze globe mounted at its point. The vertical orientation interacts with the angle of the bridge’s pylon. The globe form represents universal kinship between both countries and the aluminum spiral, unity. (See Map below)

10. Name: Fishermen of Men 
Stained Glass Design
Date: 2005
Dimensions: 15’ x 25’’

Location: Tabernacle Baptist Church – Detroit, MI. A fishermen has his net in the water. A cross arises. Under the cross is a dove. The dove shines a light on the fishermen to let him know that God is always watching over him (See Map below)

11. Name: Fitzgerald Park Tile Mural
Date: 2018
Dimensions: 60’wt x3’ht  & 70’wt x 3’ht

Location: Fitzgerald Park- Detroit, MI.  (See Map below)

12. Name: Detroit Crossroad of Innovation 
Date: 2018
Dimensions: 30’ x 30’’

Location: Cobo Hall – Detroit, MI. A fishermen has his net in the water. A cross arises. Under the cross is a dove. The dove shines a light on the fishermen to let him know that God is always watching over him (See Map below)